Copyright Clarification

Good day. I recently made the mistake of uploading the model of a game with a custom pose, and I’m sorry for that. I took for granted that it was allowed without reading the Terms and Conditions, since there’s a ripped T posing 9S model for download in the site under Creative Commons Attribution, I even checked the textures in the game’s files to see if they would fit, compared the models and skeletons, etc. to be sure.
But I would like to know what can I do to make the model fit the site’s guidelines, would making a custom animation from scratch with the model like some users do be enough?
Thank you for your time.

As our Terms specify, you need to own the copyright to all the material you upload. This means you can’t use someone else’s model, apply an animation to it and then upload as you’d still be uploading copyrighted material. The exception to this rule is when you use Creative Commons material (in which case you need to apply the correct license to your own model too, and add credits to the contributing artists), and Public Domain material which has no copyright and can be freely reused.

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Thank you for explaining it, that helped a lot. I’m just extremely unfamiliar with law stuff, but I’ll look into the correct licenses and how to apply them.


I’m sorry to bother you again. I did some research on CC and FromSoftware’s policy (they’re the owners of my uploading ideas’ original concept). But I don’t want to make anything wrong again. If the owner of the model allows Non Commercial distribution, I could share it here under a NonCommercial CC license and credit them? Or for free with standard CC Attribution? Like this ripped model, which is also owned by FromSoftware.

If the owner provides the model under a CC license then yes, you can re-share under the same license. Material that’s ripped from a copyrighted game cannot be shared. We can’t verify that the other model you link to is a rip, so you can’t use that to justify posting ripped models yourself.

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I understand. I’ll only use my own material or materials with the correct CC attribution.
I didn’t mean to accuse someone without proof. I know that game’s files well and also ripped the model that I linked to. Apart from the obvious such as the model, bones and textures being exactly the same, whomever uploaded it made no effort at all to hide that it’s ripped. The model’s parts and textures have their original names, that always contain the character’s ID (c4520 for that character) written on them, as well as the textures ending in .tga.png, tga is the original image’s format that was converted. I can provide any further evidence to prove that, or anyone else that understands it can fact check me. But both my deleted model and the one I linked are distributed under CC, that’s what confused me.
Thanks again for explaining and sorry for making you become a law teacher.

I’m afraid that alone is not enough grounds to decide something is a rip - this user may be licensed to share the model. If you’re the copyright owner you can file a DMCA takedown notice, but that’s all we can do at this moment I’m afraid.

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