Corrupted Moonwell

(Mikebarrington) #1

"The might of the Burning Legion will bear down upon Azeroth with 10,000 years of rage. Our demonic warlocks will take utmost pleasure in the perversion of your places of power and worship, especially those belonging to the ancient race of Night Elves. The same traitorous Night Elves who were responsible for the Legion's defeat during the War of the Ancients. These worshipers of Elune and Cenarious will feel their power diminish as we corrupt their altars. They will feel their magics dry as we march upon their lands, burning all within our path. Your moonwells will boil over with demonic blood and Cenarious himself will turn to ash and crumble before the very might of the Legion."

-Some Burning Legion jerk, probably.

The idea is to make a small scene Night Elf area with a corrupted moonwell. I'm hoping to throw in some damaged/destroyed houses or structures as well. We'll see how it goes. I'll have to make a fairly strict schedule if I want to finish on time.

7/26 - 7/30 Concepts
7/31 - 8/6 Modeling and UVs
8/7 - 8/20 Texturing
8/21-8/22 Finalizing, tweaks, and uploading

(Michael Calvert) #2

Those burning legion jerks are the worst =P


Nice to see the schedule laid out, interested to see what this looks like!

(Mikebarrington) #4

Posting a few screenshots of some mood board stuff and a quick sketch from tonight. I want to workshop the hell out of this in the next few days because if I am able to I want to have a small environment surrounding the moonwell. Also trying to no make it too similar to another posters style but we had some similar ideas so we'll see how it goes.

This isn't a final design but I just wanted to test it out. I'm going to really try and explore some shape language and try to implement some story line into the environment. This moonwell is part of a small village, so it should have some props that tell that story.

Good luck everyone!

(Mikebarrington) #5

Some more sketch explorations. Nothing too much today. Hoping to start nailing down a base diorama in the next day or two I can paint over and get a better feeling for.

(Mikebarrington) #6

I think I am getting an idea of where this is heading. Probably going to start blocking out the models and refining next.

(Mikebarrington) #7

Quick blockout progress. Not sure if I'll be able to work much more today. Weather is going to be rough for a few hours. ;_;

(Pear) #8

oh hi pal!

(Mikebarrington) #9

Oh, Hey Pear! Looking forward to seeing more of your dungeon entrance as it moves forward. I've been managing to model and UV unwrap a number of the props for my scene. I will say the random child arm was one of the odder things to model since it's just a part of a character. I'm hoping to get to modeling the cliff face and dried up riverbed tomorrow. So far I am on schedule. Let's just hope that it keeps up. The current layout/placement is not as all what the final scene will be. Just making sure to get everything out and scaled properly.

(Mikebarrington) #10

Got most the base staging done. Pretty much everything is UVed so I am hoping to start painting a bit earlier than I expected. I'm pretty happy about that as I am sure I'll be adding more props to the scene as it progresses. Hopefully future updates will feel like they have a little more substance since I'll be posted painted assets instead of greybox/blockouts.

(François Leroy) #11

Great mate !

(Mikebarrington) #12

Been painting when I can this weekend with mixed results. Not a huge fan on my tiling texture for the ground but if I want to maintain my goals I needed to move along. Hoping to come back to it later. Here's what I have so far. Based very heavily on the design of the NE moonwell in game. These are straight diffuse painted in 3d Coat.

(Mikebarrington) #13

Finished out the bigger crystal tonight. Hoping to finish out the rest of the rocks tomorrow, but we'll see.

(Mikebarrington) #14

Some composition with textures as they are made. Ground texture is temp as it will be tiled & blended in. I'm hoping I won't have to cut anything but we'll see how time frames go. Hope you enjoy!

(Mikebarrington) #15

Also, better stand alone shot of the well.

(Mikebarrington) #16

Finished the floating orb and cradle. This will be above the moon well and if I have time I'l like to make some Fel dripping out of it. Next up tomorrow is the Legion Battle Standard.

(Bart) #17

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Mikebarrington) #18

Legion flag stand. Flag tomorrow? Maybe?

(Mikebarrington) #19

On to the next one

(Mikebarrington) #20

Slowly but surely knocking out more stuff. This is maybe 75% done for this prop. Need to actually dent in those swirls.