Corrupted texture from Pix4d

(Bhal) #1


I've been testing Pix4D for photogrammetry. I've successfully brought models built with it, including textures, into Sketchfab. E.g. this one:

Moco Farm by bhal on Sketchfab

However I've got one that loads fine in Meshlab, but is being mis-interpreted in sketchfab, so the bits of the texture are all muddled up:

Cheltenham cycle path bridge 1 by bhal on Sketchfab

What should I check? Both are 16K textures (for better or worse - I gather that sketchfab may work better with smaller textures, but I think that's about performance rather than correctness).




We're looking into it. But, it looks like you have 2 textures in 3D Settings, and the other one looks much better:

(Bhal) #3

Ok. Interesting. I re-ran the meshing and texturing, and uploaded the new texture, and it seemed to be exactly the same. I now understand that this doesn’t replace the texture, so I was still looking at the original. Thanks!