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Could somebody help me?


(Phsycotater360) #1

Kely finished.blend (2.8 MB)
here is a semi done version of one of my characters for an animated series, the only issue I'm having is weight painting her lips. I keep sticking her lips together but I've tried from the inside and outside to make them separate, does anyone know how I can do this? anyone who can walk me through would be a total lifesaver :smiley:

(Shaderbytes) #2

while in weight paint mode you can toggle into edit mode and then select only the geometry you want to work on. Then when exiting back to weight paint, click the face selection masking button :

Now you can paint onto only those faces you selected , remember you can also toggle the limit selection button , second button to the right of the layers selection buttons to include/exclude backfaces.

(Phsycotater360) #3

thank you SO much that is exactly what I needed help with, I had one other issue though, when I move her jaw up and down since the mesh is made up of tiny diamond shapes when I paint them and move them some of the diamonds stretch and are visible on her skin as in I can actually see the outlines of the diamonds as the skin stretches, will this remain visible when rendered? or is there something I can do to fix this? thank you for any help you can give :smiley:

(Shaderbytes) #4

post a screenshot , hard to visualize what you are saying. I presume you mean distortion. Many factors at play here , firstly the edge loop flow matters for articulation. There are known edge flows that work best for cg models that need to be animated. Secondly weight painting is not easy :slight_smile: Most people like myself start off by using automatic weighting from bones or bone envelopes and then do tweaks/edits to that manually afterwards.

(Phsycotater360) #5

alright thank you I'll post a screenshot, I'm somewhat new to blender, I'm using World of Warcraft models from WoW model viewer so they aren't compatible with automatic weighting, which has made it difficult. I've been trying to do it manually but so far only have the arms and parts of the jaw working, but yeah the face distorts with my weight painting so I was wondering what I can do to fix that :smiley:

(Phsycotater360) #6

here are my screenshots if you need I can show you what the weight paint mesh looks like as well :smiley:

(Shaderbytes) #7

all I can say is do more research and learning about weight painting and practice practice practice! There is no magic trick here other than knowledge and experience :slight_smile:

(Phsycotater360) #8

alright just wondered if there was a setting I was missing or something that might help :slight_smile: