Could we get an indication of the model data size on the Model page?

(Andrew Leahy) #1

Hi, would it possible to add the model data bundle size to the Model info?

Something like...

Sometimes I browse on an expensive cell phone service and it would be nice to know the size of the file that is being streamed into the player? So I can abort it if it's too huge.

It just seems like a useful bit of info to have.
This is different from the download this model file size.

Andrew | Western Sydney Uni

Data size downloaded for typical viewing of models on mobile data
(Blackhart) #2

Not one of the devs here, but just a thought here: how do they show file size? Should they show maximum file size? For the most part I don't believe it's the mesh data that takes the most storage, that would probably be textures, and on mobile textures (for myself at least) typically default to LD, and then you can attempt to load SD or HD if you think your phone can handle it. So do you display each value for LD, SD, and HD? Or just maximum file size?

(Andrew Leahy) #3

Good point I hadn't thought about the variability based on rendering quality.
Perhaps the extremes of size range, so LD and HD?

eg. LD 4.5Mb, HD 23.4Mb

(Ben Kreunen) #4

Size of the mesh might still be useful though, especially for scans. Not just for estimating bandwidth but also device capability. Older iPads for example will freak out with 3M polygons, crash and then attempt to reload.

(Mrchlblng) #5


that's an interesting point. The point is, as mentioned by @Blackhart, that some assets are "dynamically" downloaded depending on the "client spec".
We currently only generate different sizes of texture but as we aim to be as universal as possible, we have plan to extend this and maybe generate different versions of models (e.g. we could decimate some large models to make them viewable on mobile devices).
That would solve the issue of models not viewable or even simply not performing well on a specific device like what you mention @uomdigitisation.

So we want to tackle the problem of bandwidth by generating appropriate optimized data for different usage. That being said, we should improve the overall mobile experience on sketchfab and that's something we'll keep in mind.

(Alex Nan) #6

Hello ! I`m wondering what does the "size" represent in models description ? Just looked up on one of my models, it says 4mb - my actual model is way different, even the jpeg is over 4mb :frowning:


Currently, that's the size of the geometry in the viewer scene, not everything combined (textures, animations, wireframe, etc.)

We do have the data available, it could be interesting to display it in the UI, at least to the model's author.