Could you knock it off with the upload credits emails, please?

sketchfab can you knock it off with the emails

this is not necessary.

neither does it qualify as a “very important email”.

That does not look right :thinking: Did some action on your end trigger this (like making models downloadable, uploading new ones etc), or did something on our end go berserk?

Yeah, I’m uploading my models in sequence with the intention of making them downloadable and if I click Save and Publish without making it downloadable, it uses an upload credit that is quickly regained. Or if I reupload the model, it seems to reset the models to Not Downloadable. Also, I just “Published” a model from my profile page with the Model having it’s settings set to downloadable, and it informed me that I used an upload credit anyways (no email though).

It looks like I’m up to 11 emails for 13 models uploaded.

Thanks for reporting this, we agree that this is not helpful and even annoying and are discussing ways to improve it.

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