Couldn't authorize: The request was aborted: could not create SSL/TLS secure channel (3ds Max Exporter)


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I have been trying to use the sketchfab 3ds max exporter for the last week or so. It was running fine initially, however now whenever I start it up, I get this error. I have done the following:

Restarted 3ds max multiple times
Reset my password
Reset 3ds max
Checked administrator privelages (also running 3ds max as an administrator)
Opening a model where I did not get this error previously (same result)
Reinstalled the script multiple times

Literally yesterday I was able to upload models and now I can’t. I am working with windows 10 using 3ds max 2016.

I need this fixed asap because I am using sketchfab as part of an engineering internship project.



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