Counts of view is stuck to 5 on my model

Thanks everyone for the job in sketchfab. It’s a sensational feature i use everyday.
I have a very small problem that I don’t know how to fix. I have a feeling the view counter is not working on some models

On the models below, the view counter is stuck to 5 no matter how many times I reach the page, so I can’t see if it does attract viewers or not

Regarding an old post i nthe forum, I read something about setting the model as autoplay that could fix things, but from what I have read, this have to do with embeding the model into another page. My issue is visible in the website


Are you logged in when viewing your model? Your own views won’t be counted. We’re not aware of other issues with the view counter although it can sometimes be a bit delayed because of caching.

The count is now at 14 :slight_smile:

Good news, Bart !

Now I understand why the counts didn’t really change.
That was a part of a project intending to digitally rebuild iconic demolished buildings. Seeing when your project gets some interest is something that is challenging. Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. That the game :slight_smile:

That said, thanks for the feedback, Bart. Now I understand the view counts a bit more.

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My understanding is that the counter works similarly to the counter on youtube - it just updates randomly a few times a day.

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