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Craig's Cloud Strife Project - WIP

(Craigastewart) #1

I'm currently experimenting with creating a larger model made up of composite pieces made in Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ on an iPad. I've wanted to attempt a model of one of my favourite video game characters, Cloud Strife, for some time now. Unfortunately the complexity of the model I'd like to sculpt and the limitations of the app have meant that I have never gotten very far with it. Now that I've discovered how to pull models together I'd like to give it another go and thought it might be interesting to post my progress here.

(Craigastewart) #2

I'd like to build a full body scale model of this character, which I'm going to try and do by sculpting the head and body separately then combing both, together with his sword, cape and a presentation stand using Meshmixer.

Unfortunately I don't have the software I need to combine textures so the model will be not be coloured (at least for now). I'll also have to lose quite a bit of detail in reduction when I piece the model together, but this is really an experiment to see what I can come up with using only 123D Sculpt+ and Meshmixer.

(Craigastewart) #3

This is a very rough sketch of the head which is really the part of the model that I was most worried about producing using 123D Sculpt+. The inability to increase or reduce the number of pixels in an area makes it very difficult to manipulate a mesh without losing surface integrity. I still have to play around with proportions and I may try and use some of the Meshmixer tools to fix the over-stretched pixels in his hair. But for now I'd like to work on a body and test combing the two parts.

(Bart) #4

Hi Craig,

cool project! What kind of software would you need to combine textured models? Isn't that something that Blender or Meshlab might accomplish?

PS: I fixed your embed link: just post the model URL :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #5

Thanks Bart! With Meshmixer it didn't seem to be possible but I'd love to colour the model so I'll check out Blender! And thanks for the fix!

(Adam Beamish) #6

At last! Someone else posting work! Great to see your WIP Craig! It's looking good so far. I`m trying to think of the best way for you to combine models for free. As Bart said Blender would work. It will take some learning but it will give you lots of options for modelling in the future if you don't intend to purchase any software. I will browse the internet to see if I can find a temporary option. :slight_smile:

(Adam Beamish) #7

Ok. I'm starting to look into this but try this link.

It's created by Stephane Ginier who developed Sculptfab for Sketchfab. It has more options than Sculptfab and you can import multiple models and sculpt on them like Sculptris. I have only been able to import a UV texture on one 123D Sculpt+ model. But give it a go! Its actually a really great program. You can move, rotate and scale models using the transform brush in the list of brush types. Try it on a PC as it's not compatible on the iPad. :slight_smile:

(Craigastewart) #8

Thanks Adam! I'm currently wrestling with some tutorials for using the Texture Atlas extension in Blender. I haven't had any success yet but I feel like I'm getting close. Although I note that when I bake textures back onto a model I get that big margin between islands that sculpt+ leaves. I know you've tackled this in Zbrush, how do you do it there? Is there anything you can tell me that might translate to Blender?

(Craigastewart) #9

Completed a first draft of the body for the model and tested adding the head in Blender. Still haven't quite figured out how to combine UV maps so he remains uncoloured for the moment but I also still have to work on proportioning the body and head a little better and figuring out a natural looking pose for him. The next big piece to put in is the sword and this will probably dictate how the model is composed as Cloud's sword is huge, so I want to make it look impressive but not distracting.

I have some other details in mind that I'd like to add including his shoulder armour and his cape; I'm going to spend some time working on making his cape as fluid as possible to help give an impression of movement.

(Adam Beamish) #10

Looking great Craig! I'm not up on Blender's UV texturing. I do it a different way in Zbrush. I turn my Sculpt+ textures into a polypaint surface and then regenerate a new combined UV texture. But I imagine in Blender you can have multiple UV maps and textures on the one model as long as you load one model part in at a time and rename the UV map so that when you load another part in it doesn't overwrite the first UV map with the same generic default name which it was given from Sculpt+. So look into renaming UV maps and texture names so that they don't overwrite each other. That way you shouldn't have to merge the maps into a new one. Maybe! :slight_smile: