Crashing using C4D R17 animation using Sketchfab Plugin


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Crashing using C4D animation using Sketchfab Plugin. Works fine for upload when animation's not checked. It's only 47 frames. Anyone else having this issue?


Hmm, do you mind sending the c4d file so we take a look?

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Sent privately to you.


Sorry, where did you send it?


Never mind - found it :slight_smile:

We'll take a look ASAP.

(Waleguene) #7

Hi @makecontact,

This issue has been reported to us several time (even by MAXON developpers) and there is no issue yet (it happens when c4d processes data internally during export). A bug is open on our side and your sample will be definitely be helpful, thanks a lot!

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ok thanks :slight_smile:


We just shipped a new version of the exporter. Do you still experience this issue?