Crazing is shown after uploading to sketchfab and applying texture from a png

(F1xer) #1

I recently uploaded my first photogrammetry to Sketchfab from Meshlab.

Unfortunately I'm getting some crazing patterns after uploading the texture in a PNG file. I've tried adjusting various parameters in Meshlab to reduce the issue but with no success. The PNG generated by Meshlab looks reasonable but no tinkering in Sketchfab will remove this crazing.

If you have any ideas to resolve or help analyse then please let me know.
Alternatively I could try a different Meshlab equivalent if you have any suggestions.

(Lapin) #2

Load the texture in .JPG format.

(F1xer) #3

Thanks for that idea. Just tried it but no change....

(Lapin) #4

You have created a new texture in MeshLab or just in the editor has converted the old? I would suggest to create a new texture MeshLab and save in JPG format.

Your texture has a lot of seams that need to be corrected in the image editor. Simply generate a new one.

(Mrchlblng) #5

@f1xer we have a known issue in our PLY pipeline that ends up creating to nasty seams by messing UVs. We'll eventually fix this and, in the meantime, you may bypass the issue by uploading an OBJ instead (supported by Meshlab).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(F1x1t) #6

OK thanks for all the feedback.
I did try generating a fresh ply and jpg but got the same issue but maybe it helps in other circumstance.
I'll try an OBJ.
Cheers for now.

(F1xer) #7

Hi. I've tried OBJ a few times but found the models become huge (even zipped).
Is there any likelyhood of the messy UV issue being fixed for PLY in the near future.
Cheers for now.

(Mrchlblng) #8

@f1xer did you try to zip the OBJ? OBJ is a pure text format and it gets usually deflated a lot.
We will eventually fix the PLY issue but I can't give you any ETA as it's not high priority due to the OBJ export workaround.

(Fixit) #9

I'm trying the alternative of exporting OBJ rather than PLY in meshlab to avoid the messy UV issue.
There seem to be meshlab issues in generating the material content and also generating the OBJ file does not happen sometimes in spite of the log saying its completed.
Does anyone know of work flow procedures for meshlab to get the OBJ export to work and in a reasonable file size and state for upload to sketchfab. (It would all be so much simpler and efficient with PLY UV issue fixed.)

(F1xer) #10

I found this but not sure if this is what I need for upload of OBJ to sketchfab to include materials etc (as a workaround for the PLY problem).

  1. Open MeshLab
  2. File -> Import Mesh (your copied obj)
  3. Filters -> Texture -> Parametrization: Trivial Per-Triangle
  4. Increase texture dimension in Parametrization: Trivial Per-Triangle from 1024 to 2048 (will vary) and hit apply.
  5. Filters -> Texture -> Transfer Vertex Attributes to Texture (between 2 meshes)
  6. Change texture width and texture height in Transfer Vertex Attributes to Texture from 1024 to 2048, and tick Assign Texture and hit apply.
  7. File -> Export Mesh As and resave as an obj file
    Now you should have an obj, an mtl and a png file that together will form your texture.

(F1xer) #11

OBJ workaround for PLY (messing UVs) issue is now working OK after a long weekend :frowning: