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About this service

Creaform develops and manufactures its own proprietary portable 3D measurement technologies, which are used by our crew of application engineers every day. Our AEs have an extensive and intimate knowledge of our advanced scanners and other complimentary partner technologies, and they operate them to their maximum potential. This way, Creaform clients are guaranteed delivery of high quality 3D scanning projects, within short timelines and wherever they are in the world.

Service description

  • Specialisation:

Short-range 3D scanning

3D scanning of objects of any size, colour, texture (even shiny materials)
3D archiving
Competitive analysis
Preparation for prototyping (with/out colour)

Long-range 3D scanning

3D scanning of large and oversized structures
As-built re-engineering and surveys
Topographical surveys
Engineering and detail surveys
High-definition surveying
Structural deformation & volumetric analysis
Plant layouts
Clash detection
Forensic / crime scene digitizing
Creaform is an authorized worldwide distributor of Surphaser long-range scanners.

  • Location: Our offices are located in Canada, USA, France, Germany, India, China, Japan and more
  • Ability to travel: We do 3D scanning projects all over the world

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