Create a new model from a template file


I’m looking for the way to duplicate a model via the API. I need to work from a template file and reupload a new model into it. This works from the UI, but I need to do over a 100 items, and would very much like to do it via the API. The re-upload looks like we can use the PUT call, but the duplicate I can’t find.

Please let me know if it’s possible, and if not via the API can we use some curl magic perhaps? Can someone perhaps help build the correct call string?


We have no public API for this, sorry.

Thanks Bart,

I have to wonder, how do your corporate clients handle lots of models then?

It can’t be all manual work and configuration, right? I’ve been reading the forums a bit more and it’s been requested for many years from what I see.

So what is the problem? Is Sketchfab not the right platform for corporate use? Any form of automation of configuration is elementary for any serious corporate use. Is there any focus on these features at all? Please do let me know, so we can start looking for alternative platforms, even though obviously we like Sketchfab for the other bits.

Is it on the roadmap, any ETA you can communicate about?

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Also, there’s a call being made from the web UI, like I asked in the first post, can we not use that form call via some other way? I know it’s not official, but if it get’s the job done that would help a lot.

We do have a ‘private API’ and internal tools for these kinds of tasks, and we offer such services to commercial users. Can you tell me more about your use case? We may be able to help.

Thanks Bart,

How can I get in contact with you? The mail address in my account would be great.
Would that work?


Best to ask the support team on Thanks!

Hey @JohanBoekhoven, any luck with this?

Nope, all manual work still. Deadlines had to be met and we couldn’t wait for any longer, so a few hours of manual labor was involved unfortunately. But will contact them again in a few as the next batch is not far away.

That’s a bummer