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Creating a heightmap for unreal 4.0

(Galadhlinn) #1


I was looking for a heightmap of Skellig Michael Island to build a small world in Unreal 4.0. My search led me here where I found:

What would be the proper method of creating a heightmap from this for use in Unreal 4.0?

Thank you,


#2 is a pretty good source for heightmaps.

(Galadhlinn) #3

Thanks James,

I do use, but not all areas of the globe are supported. Unfortunately, Skellig Michael Island is one such place. I was very hopeful when I saw the 3d model of the island here. I'll keep searching : )


Hmm I see. You may need to dig deeper into various USGS / NASA / ESA earth data sets. I'm sure it's out there.

(Bart) #5

Alternatively you could ask The Discovery Programme for permission to use their model?