Creating a Museum channel on Sketchfab - how?


(Jude Dicken) #1

Hello, (I sent this to earlier this week)

Manx National Heritage (the statutory heritage organisation for the Isle of Man: is excited to create its own Manx National Heritage Sketchfab Channel. In a project with Lancaster University in the UK, we are due to take delivery in the next few months of 3D images of our 205 Viking Manx Crosses scanned this summer by ArchaeoVision, low-resolution versions of which are being prepared for online release onto Sketchfab. Our contact at Lancaster University says:

“Regarding Sketchfab, yes, you have to create the museum’s profile and if you contact them directly, their contact’s officer will be able to grant you a full license because they grant these to museums.”

What are the steps for me working with you to make this happen for Manx National Heritage?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jude Dicken (Miss) (MA, MA: Archives, AMA: Museums)
Collections Information Manager
Manx National Heritage

(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hi @jude_dicken !

Thanks for your message, we would be happy to offer Manx National Heritage a free PRO tier account to get you started sharing 3D with Sketchfab under our offer to cultural organisations.

Please sign up for a free Basic account here to begin the process and add an official profile image, description and links to relevant websites and social media. Once you have done this forward me a link to the newly created profile via to the profile and I will gladly upgrade it for you.

FYI, your institution is also eligible for a 50% discount on the yearly Premium and Business tiers, which allow for larger uploads, increased embed options and more.

Be sure to check out the Help Centre for general information on uploading and setting up scenes as well as guidance on setting up more useful features like annotations, audio, virtual reality, and sharing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or via the email address above.

Thomas Flynn
Cultural Heritage Lead & Community

(Jude Dicken) #3

Thanks Thomas, that’s brilliant. I’ve created the basic profile:

I wasn’t able to see how to send you the above link via, so here it is above for you to upgrade for free to PRO tier account.

Let me know once this PRO tier account is live and we can get loading content - ideally I want to start loading before 28 Sep.

Thanks again - we’re excited to be starting our journey with Sketchfab,