Creating Baymax

(Jamesculley) #1

Hey guys, as a recently appointed Sketchfab Master I wanted to show how I will set my next scene up with the sole purpose of displaying it in Sketchfab. I am a huge Pixar, Disney fan and my two year old boy Oscar is mad on 'Baymax' so I have the perfect excuse to loose myself in poly heaven and create a Baymax 2.0 scene, I may even animate it!

I like to try and go about these things in the right way with my first task being to collect reference images of the characters and setting so I will put together a quick mood board / reference collection.

(Jamesculley) #2

So I spent much of last night, taking screenshots from my BlueRay. One of the first issues I can see is the wings.. how do they stow...

(Jamesculley) #3

I have my reference images handy on my iPad and my little boys Baymax figure in hand (albeit Disney Infinity 2.0) it pains me that this box has now been opened and that Baymax has been subjected to my 'less than delicate' 2 year old's playtime regime...

A lot of this will be guess work but that's the fun part. I thought about making this guy out of one plane and then using edge extrusion, which on the most part I will do, but I have started with a cylinder. I dragged the cylinder out and then manipulated the vertices in a number of different ways, including FFD modifiers, to approximate the chest and back armor. shape. I added a couple of swift loops to pull out the breast plates and added a turbo smooth to round out the neck hole.

(Jamesculley) #4

So here is the first test render in Sketchfab.

(Dark Minaz) #5

On a scale from 1-10 how much do you need my assistance? :smiley:
Looks a bit to glossy/reflective at the moment, but the Model looks clean so far. A few of the little details will be a bit tricky but i like it so far. Will you make him with helmet or like a scene where he is missing some parts (like the left arm) and tries to put it on?

(Jamesculley) #6

So I have been doing a lot of work on Baymax but got so into it I forgot to cover progress in the blog! So here are a bunch of renders that kind of show progress so far:

I have been using 'render to texture' so that I can bake some awesome lighting into his final texture and scene, I can then set the SF viewer to shadless and replicate my results from 3DsMax MR. Here are some of the individual elements with lighting baked:

And here is the progress so far - I just need to work on the hands :smile:

(Jamesculley) #7

And a preview of him in Sketchfab so far. In this picture I am using a screenshot from the movie for the background, but I plan to also make something similar in max and bake the whole scene :smile:

(Jamesculley) #8

Ok, so I have totally failed at keeping this blog up to date.... I just got so stuck into working on Max and the scene! In summary I continued to work on the body shape, using the movie as a reference, I also got round to creating his hands.


I rigged him so that I can animate him in a little movie or two at some point but this also allowed me to pose him for the scene. I worked up a Pixar/disney/comic style simple scene for the background and then set up the Mental Ray lighting solution. From the start I had planned on having light coming through a window to light the scene.


(Jamesculley) #9

And here is the final scene in Sketchfab!

Big Hero Six Fan Art - 'Big Hero Max' by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #10

Looks good :smile:
I see you went a bit different in some areas (i did model the eyes you textured them) , love your helmet :smiley: guess ill need to work on mine a bit more now.
But the outcome looks great, even if they are missing the back plug things and some wires look a bit off (shoulders,legs, floor, under the window)

love the little details to look around, (but i think the screen isn't perfectly mapped)
quite like the fact that all your floor papers have a different texture, a lot of people tend to get lazy there.

(Jamesculley) #11

Thanks man, he was fun to work on.. I am going to animate him at some point so will introduce the magconnectors for Hero who I shall also model. Thanks for pointing out the mesh issues will have a look. I recon they were probably due to the pro-optimizer modifier - that I know I shoudl not have used lol.....

(Dark Minaz) #12

Got the same issues when i export a "low" poly from 3dcoat or something, automesh stuff just keeps messing my things up sometimes :smiley:
probably the one solid reason why i love maya
Animating the chubby guy sounds like fun, we could do a collab on that :smiley: baymax vs marshmellowbaymax Dawn of Hiro