Creating eBooks or PDFs with 3D content

Plausible topics:

  • Software that can be used to create eBooks or PDFs with embedded Sketchfab models

(I’ve been using the open software LibreOffice and Sigil to create an epub-file. Other suggestions?)

  • Testing different eBook readers on different platforms - which ones can render embedded Sketchfab model best?

  • Troubleshooting - html code, esthetic etc

I’ve done an eBook that tries to mimic some of the properties of a cell’s cytoskeleton that can be downloaded for free (see link below). It contains embedded Sketchfab models that I created. I have probably done a lot of mistakes since I’m a total newbie that needs to be corrected. One problem seems to be that different eBook readers renders the pages in completely different manners. I would very much appreciate constructive feedback.

The add-on EPUBreader in Firefox and Google Chrome renders the eBook and the 3D objects reasonably well. The open source programs Calibre and Sumatra doesn’t render 3D objects at all (but shows a link to Sketchfab). The same goes for Adobe Digital Editions.

Any other epub reader suggestions? On other platforms then Window and Linux?

Grateful for all constructive feedback.

The eBook can be downloaded from my Google Drive:

A model to mimic some properties of the cytoskeleton

Updated my link in may previous comment.

Seems like the pictures messed up the html code. I first used LibreOffice writer to write text and insert pictures. I then exported it into an epub file, but it seems like LibreOffice don’t handle pictures correctly. I had to open the epub file in Sigil and remove all images and insert them again using PageEdit (a separate handy WYSIWYG editor that’s a part of Sigil but have to be installed separately).

The right way to do it seems to be to write the text in an office program, copy the text and then paste the text into PageEdit and after that insert images.

Hope it will help someone from doing the same time consuming mistakes.

Epub readers that I’ve tested so far that can display Sketchfab models:

Gnome Books

Add-on to web browsers in Windows and Linux
EPUBreader - Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge)
EPUB READER (not the same as above) - Chrome

Android apps