Creating node groupings using obj file

(David Maffioli) #1

We are trying to create a viewer which allows us to show and hide certain objects in the scene (similar to

Our models are exported to Sketchfab using the .obj file format.
It seems that the various group types (o, g, etc.) in the .obj file are not respected by Sketchfab.

I have tried uploading various .obj files, that we and others have produced, and I always get a node tree similar to that shown below (one group node containing 6 geometry nodes).

If I convert this obj file to an fbx then all the expected nodes appear.

Is there a way of getting obj groupings working in Sketchfab?


Giving each mesh a unique material should work:

(David Maffioli) #3

Thanks for the replay.

The suggested solution works in the sense that it now groups the objects correctly.
However, all the groups have the name “(Geometry)” which is a problem when you need to be able to identify a group.

(Jumpjack) #4

The demo does not work in Chrome, only first checkbox works, resulting in all spheres disappearing.