[Critique] Room Corner Diorama

(Blackhart) #1

Thought I might try my hand at something that isn't photo-real for once. A little ‪‎lowpoly‬ diorama of a room corner in ‪‎isometric‬ perspective. Modelled in Blender, Textured in Substance by Allegorithmic.

Room Corner Diorama by Blackhart on Sketchfab

(theStoff) #2

Looks nice! The sketchfab upload has lost a bit of the vibrancy though. Maybe you could try including a light map.

(Blackhart) #3

I've tried to improve the lighting and the tone mapping in the Sketchfab scene, as well as going back to Substance Painter and pre-baking some ambient occlusion. The only reason I hadn't done that before is because I have some duplicate objects in the scene which produce a few errors doing this- The game boxes, controllers, and especially the speakers. On the speakers you can see that now the one closest to the camera is really dark on the side which is facing us, and that's because the other speaker shares the UV map and that side is closest to the TV stand... so you end up with "phantom" pre-baked AO. Overall, I do think that it adds a lot more pop to the scene in Sketchfab, so I've just got to keep that in mind in the future, if I'm making a diorama for Sketchfab I need to have pre-baked AO, so every object needs its own unique UV map.

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(theStoff) #4

Yeah that's the only thing. Each mesh needs to be separated. I'm not sure if Sketchfab excepts different UV sets. I'll have to look into that.

(Blackhart) #5

Well, it would also be nice if the viewer allowed for a simple implementation of SSAO as a post processing effect. Having to bake ambient occlusion across shared UV's wouldn't have been an issue if there were runtime occlusion available, because that's what really makes the scene pop, the ambient occlusion which defines the edges of the otherwise very vibrant and flat objects.