(Critique wanted ) Alex Kidd Character WIP

(Ndrakey) #1

Got my first SEGA Mastersystem in 1995. Used to love Alex Kidd in Miracle world which came with every old Mastersystem before Sonic the Hedgehog was introduced.
Found a few sprites that made me want to remodel him:

Heres my Attempt:

(Ndrakey) #2

The "Peticopter" Helicopter:
(Kinda hard to see if this Thing had a seat :smile: )

(Pavelnoskov) #3

Looks good, only, on the model used different from the color of the sprites, it is so intended?

(Ndrakey) #4

the color picker gives me strange results. Had to chose the colors manually.

(Bart) #5

How about including a Sketchfab embed instead of screenshots? :smile:

Regarding the colors: that may be because of other material settings like specular colors etc. If you're looking to achieve 'cell shaded' colors like in the original sprites, then maybe this is useful: