CSS: Preview pictures too big

Hi, since some time (today) the preview pictures are very large. There are only 3 on each row instead of 4 like before. I hope this is not a new view and just a css mistake because it is very confusing. This “problem” is on 1920x1080. If you change the site view to 90% you see the usual view.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look at it.

Hi Bart, any news about the wrong viewport? On tablets such as an ipad the detail view on each object is also wrong. I just wonder that nobody else report this.

We have several fixes in the pipeline, but I’m not 100% sure if the number of columns will be reverted.

What is the exact issue on iPad? Can you share screenshots please?

The view on the iPad now works again. In the model view the player and the text was completely on the left side.

The columns:
Explore shop categories = 4 columns
Explore “normal” categories = 3 columns
Explore member site with models = 3 columns
Explore Sketchfab feed = 4 columns

The slightly larger pictures are good, but with 3 rows too large. On the ipad you can only see 2 rows in the category view. In the shop however 3.