Current HTC Vive Support

(Nicklievendag) #1


Chromium + HTC Vive used to work great with Sketchfab but I can't get any recent build of Chromium (I have the right flags enabled) to work with the latest version of SteamVR (Jun 13, 2017 / 1497390325). Hitting the VR button would crash and restart Chromium and then it kills WebGL.

It does work with the latest Firefox nightly build, but the tracking is very choppy and unbearable.

Is there ANY way or workaround do do decent Sketchfab + WebVR + HTC Vive on Windows 10 at this moment?


(Vibrantnebula) #2

Sorry for the slow reply. WebVR in general is all over the place currently since it's under heavy development. Have you tried it on Servo? I typically turn to Servo when chromium doesn't work. The only suggestions I have are very generalized but some combination of them plus a little luck typically works... Re-download and unpack chromium, try combinations of turning interleaved and asynchronous reprojection on and off (start with interleaved), try running chromium as an admin, double check windows power settings to ensure you're not in a low power mode, and ensure that all other applications are closed. Sometimes I just wait a few days when these steps fail. WebVR should be smother in the next few months as it starts to come together.