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Current model security?

(Tyridge77) #1

Hello there, I'd like to upload my 3D work to the site, but I've been told to stay away from sketchfab because of 3D rippers like this.

Is this still something I have to worry about?

Because from what I've heard it sounds like people can easily rip off your models, easily, with no repercussions whatsoever.

(Don42) #2

by my opinion ppl will ALWAYS on every imaginable online 3d viewer find some way to somehow rip and steal the viewers 3d content ...

No matter how relieable and frequent all those rippers get patched ..

BTW howdy tyridge :smiley: its me glurbman (:


We invalidate most ripping tools as soon as they are discovered. We're also implementing some techniques to make tools like ninja ripper specifically much more difficult to use.