Custom Background image dimensions?

(Matthewbrennan) #1

What are the recommended custom background dimensions for the viewer? Every background I upload turns out pixelated and grainy... see:

I tried using 1024x2048 and 2048x4096, both had the same result.


Hmm, that doesn't look pixelated/grainy to me. Can you post a screenshot?

I usually recommend 1920×1080.

(Matthewbrennan) #3

Hi James,
Here's a screenshot, attached.
When I make the viewer fullscreen, it looks fine, but when it's at a the default embed size, the text is grainy/pixelated.


@mauricesvay - can you suggest anything?


Looks like you've added a new background, which looks better.

We automatically generate backgrounds at different sizes and display the closest one needed, so depending on your screen resolution, the background might look better or worse.