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I have several models that I plan to add Custom Backgrounds to. Each of these images include text. I have uploaded several of these already, but the text always shows up extremely blurry. The source image is crisp, but in Sketchfab it becomes almost unreadable. Help?

what dimensions is you background, 1920x1080? Also how small is the text? Some down sampling is unavoidable when the view is not full screen , is your text still blurry when going to full screen?

Actually, I think I found the real issue here and it seems to be a Sketchfab glitch. If any model edits are saved AFTER the background has been selected, the image goes blurry. Tested it out on a couple models. Seemed to hold true.

do you mind posting some screenshots? @james could you investigate what this user is experiencing

Edit mode, no issue…

Next, Model Gallery. Still okay.

Navigate away from Model and then return, blurry background appears…

definitely image compression issue , seems too aggressive. Text in general does not compress well at all due to the nature of the algorithm. Is that last screenshot taken while in full screen mode? Anyway a sketchfab dev will have to chime in at this point.

ps is the original image you uploaded a png or jpg? also you did not confirm the dimensions are 1920x1080?

The background image was 1920x1080 jpg. I have also tried png format resulting in the same problem.

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Our compression of backgrounds (and avatars) is probably a bit too brutal, @mauricesvay

I didn’t notice this issue until this week. And we have had several models up with similar backgrounds and do not remember having any problems with those until now.

I have noticed the same issue. The background on all of my models includes text flattened into the png images. Until recently they showed up crisp and clear. But just in the last week the text has become unreadable - and I have made no modifications to the model or the background.

@james @mauricesvay I can confirm this aggressive compression is new behaviour, I just opened up an old model that uses a background and I know was previously crisp to check and it now got super compressed, here I cropped the logo from a screenshot :

Looks like it’s using a lower resolution as well. We’ll have a look into it.

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It will be fixed soon.


I have same problem

the same problem whitin my shop, please can you solve this background problem soon sketchfab!

Hi guys,

The fix just went live this morning.

Thank you James - much clearer now!

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Sorry to dig this thread up, if there is another solution posted out there I have yet to find it, and I did not want to make a new post about the exact issue I am having. It seems like according to this thread, there was a fix put out, but was there any additional action required on the part of the users? Here’s the model in question.

Here is the original png I am using for the background.

If anybody has any insights, I would love to hear them! Thanks.

We’re still testing different compression methods, but I don’t have a conclusion yet, sorry!

hehe… ok my bg might be the worst for this

bg -