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Custom Blender HDRI Enviorment Not Working

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #1

Soo I Tried To Upload My Own Custom HDRI, By That I Mean HDRI enviorment Personally Made,

Its Made In Blender, So I Took A Scence, Camera Set To Panormic And Equilangluar.

Rendered It And Exported It As .EXR ( OpenEXR ),

So It Should Work As A HDRI Enviorment Right?

i Uploaded It Twice, But It Doesnt Work, After Almost 15 Mintues Of Uploading Each Time, Its Says Failed To Process

Why? The Enviorment Works COMPLETELY Fine When I Load It As A Enviorment Texture On Blender, But On Sketchfab It Doesnt,

Solution Please

Also to Note, The Enviorment Is 1980x1080 But It Works As A Enviroment On Blender, Why Not On Sketchfab?

(Simon Kratz) #2

Maybe you're hitting some of the limits specified here? Like file size?

Also try to work with power of 2 textures, the issue might indeed be the aspect ratio or resolution. Normally you try to avoid working with NPOT textures in realtime applications.

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #3

Okey Let Me See

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #4

File Size Is Only 44mb, Now Reduced To 6 MB Only ITs On.EXR But Now I Am Trying To Get It On .HDR

Set The Res To 2048x1024

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #5

It Still Says Error

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #6

Ughh Gettting Tired Of This

THIS Is Everything About The HDRI Enviorment Now

File Size : 5MB
Format : HDR
Resolution : 2048x1024
Its A HDRI Rendered From Blender, Works Perfectly On Blender Itself And Various Other Applications

(Simon Kratz) #7

Hmm sounds really weird :confused: Might be possible that Sketchfab expects a certain bit depth. For hdr only 32 bit and 16 bit make sense.
I recommend trying a version with different bit depth than your previous one (if yours had 16 bit, try 32 and vice versa).

I'll try uploading one of mine to see if it works. Gonna link file properties of it then.

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #8

Actually I Uploaded The Ufizi HDR ( Very Common HDR ) And It Worked, So You Can Use That As A Reference

(Mrchlblng) #9

@nihal.rahman.nahin we have a fix in our environment processing coming soon. The issue often was that uploaded environments contain invalid float values (NaN or Inf) that would break the processing.
We should also improve our feedback when this happens to provide a more helpful feedback.

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #10

Okey @mrchlblng