Custom link for embeds

Hi is it possible set custom return link when embedding on websites?

Example -
I have a model embedded on my website (designed for performace, quick load etc.)

It will be great if i can set a custom link, so if the viewer clicks “view in sketchfab”, they can be sent to a different model - HD file with high res textures.

This also means I can have a single model on my website, which links to a full scene to be viewed on sketchfab.


No, we don’t have such a feature.

So is this a “no” you guys are not interested in implimenting?

You asked me if we had such a feature - the answer was a ‘no, we don’t have it’ :wink:

I dont’ think this on our roadmap - @james is it?

Tbh I wanna go one step further and ask for LODs but thats probably too far lol

Basically when I link people from my site to sketchfab, i want them to see HD, but the opposite when im embedding on website as performance for general public is key.


We’re thinking about LODs in the future for certain types of large data sets:

That can really only be useful for models that can be decimated automatically, such as 3D scans.

Would you be more interested in providing your own LODs?

For now, I would recommend just including a link yourself, like “See the high resolution version here”.

Hey James, I come from game background so yea I was thinking of making my own LODs.

Currently we are using sketchfab for one product at a time which runs well. Performance really starts to drop when we try and present a whole collection with animation.

And regarding extra links, imho it just doesn’t look very clean or professional. It’s ok for peoples portfolios but not acceptable for the high end brand we are trying to build.


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