Custom MatCap texture

(Cryunreal) #1

I need opportunity assign my own MatCapTexture.png/tga/ etc.
Your default matcap is terrible((

i prepared for you special .dds file

(Stephomi) #2

It's somewhere on our roadmap :smile:, be patient.

(Cryunreal) #3

i am sorry) can you give me link on your roadmap?

(Stephomi) #4

Sorry, our roadmap is private!

(Cryunreal) #5

it's a pity :fearful:

About matcap material
(Warsoul) #6

Please add an plugin What You See What You Get from Zbrush 4r7 to Sketchfab , please !

Wich export exactly what you see in Zbrush and Keyshot into Sketchfab. One Clic.

Lights, BPR, Matcap, Normal Map, Displacement Map, AO, etc.

That would be great to see an Live Link between Zbrush and Sketchfab too. So followers and us can see artists working live on their models. Next big step maybe.

(Redkaratz) #7

Bump, it's february 2017 and I don't see a way to edit or import matcap yet, have you forsaken its implementation? Anyway many thanks for your awesome work.


We have not made any progress on this yet, but it's still on the roadmap.