Custom UI elements not visible in fullscreen mode

Hi, I am trying to make a simple 3D configurator with just some color options for now. Added the custom UI and all seems to work OK. But toggling the fullscreen mode via the built-in icon in the lower right side hides the custom UI elements and those are not visible anymore. Is there any solution for this?
For refference here is the website Laguna Compact - Chirana Progress - 3D model
Thanks for any input.

The solution is very simple. You need to add a z-index property to the form tag. Please find the working solution below:

<form class="options" style="z-index=9999">

where the z-index=9999 property gives you the form in front of any element.

– Andrei

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Unfortunately it does not work. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Will play with it more later.