Customizable M16A1 from the mid 70's


(Davidfalke) #1

Hey everyone.
I present to you my M16A1 from the Vietnam era.
I tried to recreate the model as authentic as i could. I only modeled parts that were used on the early models of the M16 during the early to mid 70’s. Together with the textures, (yes, those writings are not just hollywood made up’s) i tried to create a historical representation of the M16A1, a gun, that back than, was unreliable, and cursed by many soldiers.
I am still unsure to how accurate this model really is, as finding high quality reference of original models from that time period is not easy, as every gun enthusiast seems to own an M16 themselfs, but with recreated, rahter than original parts unfortunately.

Dispite the authenticity, I hope you like it.
Coming from maya, it was my first time using 3Ds Max.
Used marmoset for baking and Substance Painter for texturing.
Criticism is always welcome.