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Cuzco - Disney´s emperor´s new groove


(Rosa Iglesias) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just discover sketchfab a few days ago, and really love it, its an AWESOME tool. Now I can´t stop modeling things and wait till I see them in the viewer.

I want to share with you my last model, Cuzco from Disney emperor´s new groove. Its completely done with 3ds max 2011 (no sculpting). Hope you like it, C&C are very welcome!

you can also have a look at my personal portfolio

(Ndrakey) #2

I love the clean topology! Was this handmade or some automated tool ?

I think this is the type of model that could use some outlines to make the details stand out a little more. Beautifull work!

(Dark Minaz) #3

who is the greatest king of all time?
... CUZ CO CUZ CO ...
oh right where was i ..

looks great, nice low poly look and you manage to capture his face almost perfect :slight_smile:
well you got yourself a follower now, keep up the good work

(Rosa Iglesias) #4

@ndrakey Thank you! :smiley: Yes, it was done by hand directly with 3ds max.. I found this modeling method very relaxing.
@dark_minaz Thank you, so much appreciated :slight_smile: Translating this design to 3D was a real challenge. The idea was making a model with a correct topology, to work later in his morphs/blend shapes (also, a model that you can smooth with no problems). Love this character, he is very funny :smiley: .

(theStoff) #5

Very well done. Nice and clean :slight_smile:. Are you planning to texture it or just leave the block colors? It's a nice model but I do think you could present it better with some small adjustments to the materials and lighting.

(Rosa Iglesias) #6

Thank you @christophs, I love playing with topology.
At the moment Im going to leave this with the block colors. At the begining it was only a modeling practice, for topology and volume study, but then I discover Sketchfab and wanted to experiment with this. Im not good right now configuring all the things for the viewer (ligths, materials etc), but my next model will be done specifically for the sketchfab viewer, because Im loving it! <3

(theStoff) #7

Sounds good! Keep up the good work!