Cybernet Under Seige [WIP]


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I Have been modeling in Voxels for roughly a month now. I found that If Im working on something si-fi the piece comes to gether quite naturally. So I decided that my Entry would be something repetitively Tron Themed, since Tron and Tron Legacy are some of my biggest inspirations.

Welcome to the City of Cybernet! A small but dense Cybernetic town comprised of Programs and Users alike. An unknown Virus has begun invading, destroying all in there path as they upload their corrupted data to the Mainframe. Will the Anti-Virus act quick enough to stop the deadly malware from annihilating their home?

(I have so much work to do but I think its coming along well, what do you guys think?)

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I cannot believe that it has been 2 hours, I have been just clicking away... Anyway I added some action to the scene! Still have ALOT to do!

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Please, Explore the City for yourself Here

(Jason Ivens) #5

This link should work for you :wink:

Cybernet City [WIP] by Storm Hughes on Sketchfab

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Also some nice progress so far keep it up :smile:

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Thanks man! Really appreciate it. You just embedded correct?

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No problems, you just need to past your models URL code on a new line in this forum :smile:

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Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

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Another Addition to the Seige of Cybernet

Cybernet City [WIP] by Storm Hughes on Sketchfab