Cyberpunk 2077 car


It was hell to make, but here is my Cyberpunk 2077 MaiMai car.
Modeled in Blender, textures done in Substance Painter.

The intend was to make a quick model, the outside only.
But then I fell into old habits - I started to add more and more details; animated doors, engine bay and the interior. I had a really hard time getting the folding doors to work properly, but in the end two rotating bones did the trick.
I’m quite pleased with the end result, I would like to start making some more Cyberpunk-ish models.

Let me know what you think,



Nice work :+1:. In my opinion, it would be even better with some baked AO.

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Oops! Thanks for your comment @warkarma - I’ve added the AO map.

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I think the hard work paid of in the end. Well done :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :grinning:

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Looks really cool, I love the animation and all the details around. I really like the circular area near the door that rotates. The one with the four blue lights. Amazing work!

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Thanks for your comment Jamy. Glad you like the model.
In most of my models I try to hide objects or little stories.

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My first model to hit a 100 likes.
Thanks everyone, really appreciated!