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Cycle planet textures not showing

(Soufiane) #1

Hello guys and gals,

I am new to sketchfab and came here to upload and embed planet renderings to my website.

However I got stuck after the uploading stage, since no matter how I export or pack the textures directly into the blend file, they don't display properly if at all in the sketchfab viewport; all I get is a shiny ball and moving the jitters only seems to make it darker or lighter.

Yet it's evident the textures are uploaded and I see the thumbnails are looking ok.
Is it a compatibility issue with the texture coordinate node which generates the sphere projections?

For reference, the planet I try to get to display is based on this tutorial:

Thank you so much, in advance.


(Dark Minaz) #2

i assume it's a uv issue. Maybe blender did not apply the uv properly.
A few screenshots from your uv would help to zero in on the issue :wink:

(Soufiane) #3

Hello Minaz,

Thank you so much for taking the time!
I hadn't figured the way to upload photos, done now.

Below are the scene elements, the render and the nodes for the albedo, spec and bump map of the ground sphere.

The scene is basically 3 layered spheres, one for ground, one for cloud and one for atmosphere.
By the end, I started deleting cloud and atmo and only uploading the ground sphere (in case it was transparency issues) but even then, I couldn't make the albedo show.

(Simon Kratz) #4

Hi Soufiane,

it seems your current workflow to display the texture relies entirely on the node graph, which is basically just a shader and thus will work only inside Blender.
For the model to display correctly in any other application (including Sketchfab) you will need a proper UV setup, since only that can be exported.
To stay as close as possible to your current render I recommend creating UVs for the model and baking the base texture (or the full render) to those UVs and save it as a texture. That way you should be able to get it to Sketchfab or any other application of your choice :slight_smile:

(Soufiane) #5

Wow thank you, you guys are gold!

I have a long background in Photoshop wizardry but I'm very new to 3d and it's so frustrating to run into these hurdes every other day so thank you so much for the help!

It makes sense now what you say about the nodes..
Manual UV mapping I can do so I'll just have to figure out baking and I'll be good!

I'll update when I'm done!
Thanks the both of you, you're fab!


(Dark Minaz) #6

Screenshots really help to figure out certain issues without having the model :slight_smile:
Glad essimoon could post how to do it in blender.
here are some infos on the baking process if you wonder what button stands for what :slight_smile:

(Soufiane) #7

Well you know what, I started following those baking tutorials but for some reason, the problem solved of it's own as soon as I sphere projected a UV wrap! I reckon that's the only step my model needed.
I also think that in my first attempts, I didn't pay enough attention to making my atmosphere layer transparent first, so I could see whether what I was testing on the albedo was working.

Either way, problem solved, here's my first model, I'm really happy with the tools given by Sketchfab to make the model look at it's best.

Again, thanks heaps guys!
Oh and do let me know what you think about the model if you want.

(Alhabibi2) #8

Thanks for great response @Soufiane !!! :relaxed: