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Daft Punk FanArt

(Redy) #1

Hello everyone, I'm going to make a Daft Punk FanArt. I have a basic Idea of the positioning of the scene. It will be composed of:

  • Guy and Thomas themselves (animated)
  • Holographic Spinning Base (animated)

I'm starting by modeling the helmets as more accurate as possible using some model sheet references I found on google.

Thats all for today.

(Redy) #2

Finished modelling the Helmets, now I'll UV map them. No high-poly version was made, I just used edge smoothing and split modifiers in Blender.

(Redy) #3

Today I started to model their suits. The idea is to have only one used for both Thomas and Guy, including their variation in height. The suit will be similar to the ones they used in the film Tron Legacy.

I opened up Zbrush with a human basemesh and used mainly the smoothing brush and clay build up to get into a more robust/simple clothing.

After masking the Light Parts and extracting it as a different subtool, I made some small details to the clothing, so the wrinkles would appear in the normal map bake.

The end result was decimated and ready to be imported back into Blender.

The low-poly version was created with zRemesher up to 2.5k polygons, I also painted the areas that I wanted to have more details conserved using the vertex paint enabled in the option. The final result was OK for texturing and animating, but not ideal.

Here's a pic of the seams and UVs.

The island margin was also set to a high number to prevent further artifacts in the baking from Substance Painter. Still in Blender, I assigned different material colors to the high poly mesh to generate a ID map. That was essential for generating quick masks within Substance Painter.

After that I imported it back into blender for animating and composing. The lights over the chest is imported as a separated emission map after in the Sketchfab materials tab, so I'll probably upload them as a WIP here to check the overall lighting and how the textures will behave in a different shader. Within Substance I used their default roughness profile.

Thats it for today.


Really looking forward to this, love Daft Punk!

(Redy) #5

Made some UV Maps for the helmets, I'm jumping into Substance Painter to texture them now!

After some texturig I got these results:

(Redy) #6

Here's a test scene to see how the shaders behave, it seems ok so far so good... Now I'll need to make the control holograms and edit the music they're going to be playing before I start animating.


Loving the update!

(Redy) #10

After 6 months, I consider this artwork to be DONE! Now I’ll make a video tutorial showcasing all the creation proccess I have recorded so far.

(Arustledjimmy) #11

Any plans to make the character models downloadable. I would love to have these for casual use in vrchat

(Redy) #12

Email me and we can discuss it further:

(Heatherknudson) #13

Awesome stuff! The animation was a fun touch and I like seeing your process : )

In the future you may want to try straightening out your UVs, it will help with any seams in your clothing as well as give you more UV space to work with!

(Redy) #14

@heatherknudson Thanks for the tip! Ill definitely do that next time, glad you liked!
Im showcasing the entire process over my youtube channel as well!

(Microcyb) #15

Now that looks awesome.