Daily Download limit

I am trying to get a straight answer on the daily download limit.
First how many models can one download in one day
And second when does the download limit reset?

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Does Sketchfab even have a download limit?

There is no limitation to downloads/uploads, from what I understand.Only companies are given limits to uploads.
Check out pricing plans here: Plans & Pricing - Sketchfab

The only thing that has changed is the limit of view-only-model uploads. Meaning you can publish as many models for download as you want, but only publish 1 view-only-model + 1 for every credit you earned by making one of your models for download, depending on the account plan you choose. The amount of view-only-models resets every month

Hi @admiralhorton

Disclaimer: I can’t find the corresponding documentation in our help center, so what I am saying might not be 100% accurate. @james feel free to correct me.

Do you mean downloading models from the website or do you mean downloads using the download API?

I think you can download as many models as you want directly from the website, but we do have some protections to avoid crawlers from downloading all the models.

Regarding the API, we do have some limits in place. I know we throttle requests at some point, but I am not sure if we limit the total amount you can download.

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I have found a lot of models I want and I am downloading from the website, they have said that recently that put a limit on the amount of downloads per day, trying to get u to buy the premium plan, I have a basic plan, but I can’t find what the limit is and when it rests, I look like 24 hours, but they need to remove this and let us download the models we want, the models r free y set a limit on how many u can get in a day, just plan greed, when u r getting someone who offers there models, if they cost money there would be no limit

There is a limit to the number of models you can download per day, depending on your plan. This is not publicly documented yet because we are still tweaking the numbers and deciding how to go about it.

The current limit for free accounts is 50 downloads per day.

This is unrelated to upload limits, view-only, etc.


never knew there was a limit. I’m curious on why adding a download limit though, doesn’t make much sense to me. Not that I’m really bothered, since I never download over 50 models a day anyway.

PS: I wanted to thank you and all the devs for creating sketchfab btw, it’s a great service to showcase your models :grinning::beers:

My guess is its to stop all the hoarders :wink:

Well I don’t download that much but finding warship models and there is 360 of them I want them, plus there should not even be a limit if a person offers there work a person should be able to get it. If there has to be a limit for a free account then it should be higher than 50

Well, there is also hackers and I believe they can flood the servers with downloads and lower down the speed for everyone else :thinking: and there is also business side to this, like cgtrader has. They limit your download limit with an uploaded ammount and other crap.

Its bad because 50% of the models arent working in my enviroment so I guess my dl limit is not 50 but 25