Daimond realistic

HI, there a way to achieve a render of daimond similar to this exemple in WebGL ?

it is always some sort of faking, as we are limited by the lighting simulation in real time, like no layered refraction or multiple light bounces for example. Due to those limitations among others, you just have to find the best fake for your needs. There are a few. - all with pros and cons.

here is one i did :


Thanks. this is a good start, but still very far from a realistic render, or photography. I understand the limit of the realtime and more working in web browsre without installing any software.
But I’m astnishing of the resulta of “Pixotronix”.
Here a better link : http://pixotronics.com/ and click on “IJewel” blue rectangle.
capture :

I can’t understand everything, but I can say it’s look there are using an 360 picture for refraction and reflection in diamond wich you can’t see in background and wich is different from the one used for metal parts. It will be a good start to have the possibilities to do that in Sletchfab.

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that website is using three.js , which is a different render engine with different capabilities. There are pros and cons here as always. Most other webGL engines do have more features , this is known, but other engines are not as easy to use. I can assure you of that. Unless you are a good programmer. :wink:

Thanks for the detail. However it will be cool to have the possibilities to put a different HDRI in material panel, wich didn’t affect other materials.

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