Dark Eldar- WH40K character

Since I really need a job I have concentrated on my portfolio so- next character. Dark eldar. Think adult NSFW elf space pirate and you will pretty much have an idea regarding that race. Now- traditionally those miniatures are painted black, with some small purple, green or red elements. I’ve decided to go my own way so- here is my own, fan version of dark eldar.


most of te dark eldar seem to follow more of a spike approach

The armor looks pretty great on the gloves. Somehow the chest looks a bit lacking though, a bit more color there (just a slight variation) would make it pop way more.

I like the lower back / lower part in general, looks really nice.
I also really like the gloves, nice mix between elegant and deadly :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right about spikes- I wanted to make “mine” a bit more…hmm… utilitarian (although my sin is dipping it all in japanese sauce- thus hakama and poles for private banners at the back), since most of those spikes hardly make sense, even for devout S/M race. Thank you very much for input- helps a lot.