Data-API missing "version" model information

Hi, I’m working on a caching/loading system using the Download API, and I noticed that SketchFab has a handy “version” listed for a model’s info when I ask for the model’s information via the Data-API’s /v3/models/{uid} GET command.

However, the JSON response for this command doesn’t have a “version” variable. You can see this for yourself by entering the UID of any sketchfab model (I’m testing using this downloadable Pac-Man arcade cabinet. UID #0b43f85af5384ea4bac5d6e2d3cbd008).

Simply enter that UID into the swagger page’s “Try This Out”! input field to see what I mean, there’s a lot of data returned that isn’t in the documentation, and the “Files” array and the “version” nodes aren’t returned as part of the JSON data. The same data is retrieved in my actual project as well.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or has there been an undocumented change in the API? If there is, does anyone know if there is a “version” variable we can check against for seeing if our local cache is out of date?

Hi there,

At the moment, the versioning system for model files and material options is under heavy development, and intended only for internal use, at least on the short term. It is no longer exposed in /v3/, only in our internal API.

That said, the documentation for this endpoint should be updated to match the actual response.