Data API v2 - Adding to Collection


(3djohny) #1

Hello is it possible to add a model to my specific collection while uploading through Data API v2?
I cannot see this parameter and I plan to upload 100 models at once so it would be nice to place them in my collection programmaticaly. If it cannot be done during upload maybe there is a api PATCH function after upload? Thanks



It's not possible with V2, but you can try the beta V3 if you want:

This is under active development, so the documentation may change and might not be 100% accurate.

(3djohny) #3

Thank you james,

I can see there is some collection stuff in v3, but only for creating new collections,
not for appending existing model to one.
But It it's not a big problem to handle this manually, while checking and correcting other parametrs of model.