Data API v3 - models / post problems

Hi @tribble42!

I’ve used the updated API, it works great now. Thank you for all your help!

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Somehow still experiencing issues with authentication and updating models:

uid=’{“detail”:“Method “PUT” not allowed.”}’

Sample (BASH):

update () {
curl -# -k -X PUT
-H ‘Content-Type: multipart/form-data’
-H ‘Accept: application/json’
-H “Authorization: Token ${token}”
-F “modelFile=@${file}”
-F “name=${filename}”
-F “description=${description}”
-F “password=${password}”
-F “private=${private}”
-F “tags=${tags}”’ > “${id_file}”

where $id_file designates uploaded and existing models in my account.

I believe you need to use POST on for upload.
If you want to re-upload, you must use PUT, but on the{uid} endpoint (where {uid} is the uid of the model to be replaced)!/models/put_v3_models_uid

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I’ve managed to figure it out for the re-upload - thank you.

Couple more things now:

Any EASY way to get the model UID back (new or updated)?
Any EASY way to get the status for the model processing?

I say easy because one needs to fetch, parse and stream edit the status page at

Why not have and that only return the necessary strings?


An upload POST should return the new UID.
A re-upload PUT will not change the UID, so you should already have it.

GET and parsing response.status.processing doesn’t seem any harder than fetching a different endpoint.

If you are using bash, you should probably have a look at json parsing tools like jq .

jq lets you use selectors to extract data from a json structure. For example:

$curl -s | jq '.status.processing'

would return the


Also note that you should always use the /v3/, and never use /i/ which is reserved for internal use.

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I need a real time status update.

For some reason, while re-uploading a model, the status stays stuck to “SUCCEEDED” rather than showing ‘processing’ as intended (on /v3/) - /i/ still functions as intended.

Is there an available list of functions that one can query to verify model properties and status?