Data formats and price for use Sketchup

Why i can not convert a skp data ??? Thats not fair for a free user … i see good stuff and can dl them but i can’t work with the data. fbx, obj-mtl, blend … where are these formats? Or a working official (online) converter? Why i must pay $ 199 for one year? Is Sketchup only for rich user like the unfair max format from 3dsmax mafia? I hope you all change anything and come back in the reality ! Pls give hobby (non commercial) user a chance for creativity (for free or for a low price and new every mounth). I hope you all can give a constructive answer.

The .skp format is proprietary and we cannot import it - this includes the paid plans too. Instead, you can use our free SketchUp exporter to upload your models to Sketchfab:

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Hurra for your missunderstud ! I need not to upload, i need convert a skp file in a user friendly format (obj, fbx, blend) and for convert never i need to pay $119 for one year ! Why is this not possible to convert skp in other formats?

Ah I see now. Perhaps you should ask this question on the SketchUp forum, not on Sketchfab - we’re not associated to them.

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