Data size downloaded for typical viewing of models on mobile data


(Cw8) #1

What's the data size that is downloaded for a random viewing of any model in the phone's internet browser? Curious, just in case the phone decides to download like 50-100mbs of data just to view a single model and the person has like only 1GB-2GBs mobile data limit a month.
If the data transferred is compressed or much smaller in a way, that'll be great.

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(Mrchlblng) #2

Hi @cw8,

you may want to check another forum thread:
Providing a good UX is not so easy as the data downloaded will, by default, depend on the client hardware capabilities (see LD, SD, HD).
We are also actively working on optimizing not just the textures but 3D data to make download size as low as possible.