Day or Night Feature

It would be awesome to set up a day or night feature for the user/viewer. So for example I am working on a scene now that I would like to show with the option of both at night and during the day. - As both options have their own charm.

So if a slider could be introduced that as the user slides from day or night it would become dark or light and also emission shaders and lights could come on or off, and work in parallel with the slider.

Or just have the option of a tick box to change from day tonight.



Neat idea. It’s not on our roadmap currently but I’ll add it to our list of feature requests.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

In theory…you could replicate the night and day effect with 2 custom lights with shadows (one for the day one for the night) and have a like a plane obstructing them . Export it with animation takes so you can switch between them.


I see what you mean and this could make a nice animation.

Very need it!

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I would like to add to what FatOfTheLand said in that you can perhaps spoof this using a variety of techniques such as obscuring spot lights with objects and use the object as a switch, using alpha gradients for fading, and just playing with light and shadow.

I tried to do a sun rise to demonstrate what could be possible in terms of changing light in a scene

perhaps it might give you some ideas about your own presentation.
I do like the idea of having a slider option though.



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