Daz 3d - not working for me

Hi all,

I’m new here, so first of all, hello ! And second, hope ive posted this in the right place.

I am having trouble getting daz studio images to display correctly. Ive done a forum search but no answer.

The help centre has some advice (save as an FBX and some settings) but whilst that gets a result, its not a good one.

I have tried exporting as Obj file (under poser preset) and then uploading the Obj and Mtl files but again, poor result.

I have gone with just using the Obj file then adding textures in the editor, but that has not come out well - i dont really know what im doing half the time !

Oh and tried uploading via photoshop but that just gave a white scene.

Does anyone else use Daz and how do I get around this please :slight_smile:

All the best


Hi Steve,

Welcome! Sorry for the delayed reply. Could you share some links to your uploads?