Dead samurai [WIP]

(Andrey) #1

Well, im here :slight_smile:

Made this in 2 days. Parquet on floor looks some wrong and ill try fix it.

Use first-person view!

(Andrey) #2

Added door:

(Andrey) #3

Purrrrrr :slight_smile:

(Andrey) #4

(Andrey) #5

(Andrey) #6

Building is almost done. What left... Some decorations - books, 2-3 vases with flowers, etc. Also dead body and 1 decorative policeman :grin:
Lights looks pretty bad - i can use only 3 in scene and cant set force more then 100%

@bartv, can i get PRO please? Just 5 annotations is not enough for my work :slight_smile:

(Bart) #7

Ah sure thing! Sorry about that.

(Andrey) #8

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Andrey) #9

I think its looks little better

(Andrey) #10


(Andrey) #11

Mine final result, finally :slight_smile:

@bartv, Main contest page says:

"That means create something light hearted and not overly violent"

Is my scene normal for this?