Deadpool Pikachu (PikaPool ?)

Sooooo my thinking process was like this: What does the internet like ?

 1. Pokémon
 2. Deadpool

So I decided to recreate a Pikachu with Deadpools’ clothes I saw on le internetz. BEGIN !

First, the reference picture for the pikachu model.

For the side view I just looked at some pictures from the show and eyeballed it. Since Pikachu is mostly a blob, it’s not that hard.

Basemodel done, now for some color and the details.

The easy part is done now. I modeled Pikachu completely just for the sake of it, you never know when you will need it, and it wasn’t much work. For the model of Pikapool I removed the holes for the eyes again, I want them to be smaller.

<img src="/uploads/db4890/original/2X/c/ccc5db25f7ebe1592cb3eb5199f35a1c49e079c3.png" width="690"height=“365”>

Basic Materials done. I added some seams all over the place to make it look like he is wearing a suit. The material is just some basic Diffuse-Glossy Mix with a displacement texture.

Added a utility belt and a sexy Katana, also some stitches into the seams I created earlier, most noticeably in the central seam of the body.

Oh god the face looks so bad


pikapool is great :stuck_out_tongue:


Saw him on 9gag :3

ah kay :stuck_out_tongue:
i wanted to do pandapool for a long time but somehow i always have other models that i have do finish for contests or other random ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Want the base mesh ?

no thanks :slight_smile: i think modeling a fat panda is pretty simple
it’s more a matter of finding time.

but looking forward to your 3d sketchfab pikapool :smiley:

That’s awesome ^^ !!

can i get it in stl for printing? :smiley:

how it’s fantastic! Which software have you used for the rendering?

I used the cycles engine of blender

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Which Model do you want ? The Basic pikachu or the one with the belt and katana and stuff ?

Also where should I upload it to ?

Both if possible. I am not a 3d designer by any chance but i love 3d printing and working on it after the fact.
Zippyshare or smth similar.

Could i have the model?

I would like to give you the model traditionally, say over an uploaded file or something, but I currently have no access to my standard computer, where all the blend files are saved on, because I am in Australia.
I can turn the download for the model on for about 5 to 10 hours or so, we just have to set a time.

Yeah whenever you get the time i’d appreciate it!

I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Holy shit, that’s awesome, I didn’t even know a figurine of that existed ! Thanks for taking the time to link it in here !

@homomilk hello your models are beautiful, can you send me the stl or obj files to make a print? Thank you very much