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Death Star Trench Run!

(Andersdt) #1

I've chosen this scene, because it was the one I remembered clearest from the epic Lego Star Wars -Games. It will be animated in a forever-going loop with tie-fighters and X-wings shooting each other. If it's possible I'll try making it viewable in first-person, from Lukes X-wing. My main focus will be getting the modeling right, and getting a nice fluid loop-animation.

(Andersdt) #2

Quick sketch of the composition. The only thing I'm a little in doubt about, is the size of the Death Star itself.

(Marcclintdion) #3

I'm not sure it's possible to move the camera but if you move the entire set in the opposite direction that you would normally move a camera then you should be able to create any viewpoint that you like.

I ran a few tests for my version of the trench run and this is working fine.

If you have any difficulties setting up your animation let me know and I'll try to help. :smile:

(Andersdt) #4

I know, and I've come to the same solution as you.

Instead of making the passage move, as you've done it, I'll make it a rotating ball for the sake of the looped animation.

But anyways thanks!

(Bart) #5

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Andersdt) #6

I've been modeling bye X-wing. I don't want it to be to complicated (messy), but neither use too much NRM-map, so it's a balance. I still need a few things (R2-D2 included), before going on to texturing, which will be a fun and new experience. Hope you like it :wink:

X-wing by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Andersdt) #7

I've been (trying to be) doing textures, and it's frankly not going very well at all, and this is what I've got so far...

(Andersdt) #8

Now I'm finally done with my X-wing fighter (I hope :wink:), and I can move on to the TIE-fighter, which probably won't take long, since I've finally, kind of, got the hang of the texturing. It's not unthinkable, that I'll find something to change on this later, though. But, for now, I'm happy with it.

I hope you like it too! :smile:

X-wing - textured by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #9

wow great work man! love those details on the X-wing! :smile:

(Andersdt) #10

@bartv I'm not completely sure, but I don't think I've got that month or whatever of PRO subscription... :neutral_face:
And I've signed one of those forms for animation beta, but I haven't got any reply :persevere:

... so if I'm going to complete my project here, I'll need at least the animation beta :sweat_smile:

(Andersdt) #11

Now I've started modeling my TIE-fighter. It still need lots of detailing, and then I'll get to the shading, which will be pretty similar to that of the X-wing, so it won't take long, and then finally I'll get to the texturing, which will be pretty fast I think, coz it's pretty much just grey/black (then of course with some grunge from the shader I'll make and bake in Blender).

Enjoy! :wink:

TIE-fighter - model by andersdt on Sketchfab

EDIT - now with moar detail! :grinning:

EDIT 2 - now with eeeven more DETAIL! :open_mouth:

(Andersdt) #12

Now I've textured and shaded my TIE, which I think is done now, so I can move on to the Death Star!!!

I hope you don't like what I've made and will tell me where it's most crap :wink:

Star Wars by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #13

someone has been busy screwing those plates together
really great attention to details, id love to shoot one of them down with my canon :smiley: #pewpew
I like the tie fighter more than the x-wing, even if i'm still missing a big gun on that thing :smiley:

(Gary Phelps) #14

Crap? No way man! Very nice job thus far!

(Andersdt) #15

Here's my first WIP of the mighty Death Star!

I don't really know, but it somehow looks a bit, frankly, soddy... :confused:

Anyway, the idea is that you'll be seeing the X-wing from a 3rd-person-view, and then (since the camera can't move) everything else will move - the TIE will move up and down, and the Death Star will rotate around itself.

Then, to save vertices (the number is already a bit too big...), I've only made detailing for some of the Death Star, and then when it gets rotated back, out of view, it'll move forward (in 1 frame, so the movement isn't visible), and it'll come from the front again. I hope you understood this - it's not very complicated though it may sound like it. :sweat_smile: :wink:

Death Star by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #16

so frame 1-500 and every 100 it skips back to 1. But then how can it get to the exhaust port thingy that it has to blow up?
or do you plan to just make a perfect loop of it flying forever?

(Andersdt) #17

Ye, it's going to be a loop, so I won't get that exhaust port thingy for blowing it up :neutral_face:

I think this illustrates how I'm making it a little better than text:

It is of course just rough and small scale, so it should look better in full scale.

(Andersdt) #18

An explosion for some TIE's :wink:

I don't really think I need to do more with this...

Explosion by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Andersdt) #19

I have really run into trouble now! :cry:

I've done most of the animation, and what I need really, is just polishing. BUT, that was when I wanted to try uploading it. And it simply couldn't process it... I've mailed the support, and I don't really know what's wrong, but I think that it's just because the file size is too big, and I - for some reason @bartv - haven't got any PRO-subscription... :grin:

But, I tried uploading a still from the animation, and it looks cool 'nuff, so fingers crossed, that it's just because I haven't got my PRO-subscription, because I think it'll be really cool with the animation! :laughing:

Death Star Trench Run! by andersdt on Sketchfab

(Bart) #20

Hey @andersdt,

hmm, I've checked - you have a PRO subscription (which isn't strictly needed for animation), and you're in the animation beta program, so you should be able to upload your animation. What's the problem exactly? Could you mail me your FBX export so I can try uploading it in my own account? (That's bart@ this site :wink:

We'll help you figure this out!