December 6: 'Video Games'

This week’s theme for 3December 2020 is Toys & Games and today’s prompt is ‘Video Games’.

Tag your entry with ##3December2020-Video-Games and #3December2020, and post it below. Use the #3December2020 hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.

If you complete the 21 entries and submit them in a collection by January 4, you will be entered into the challenge prize draw. You’ll have a chance to win a framed art print of your work, 6 months of Sketchfab Plus and a $50 Amazon voucher.

Read the rules for Sketchfab 3December 2020 here

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3December2020 №6 - Neon Pac-Man


here’s my entry for day 6:

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My entry for day 6: Video Game!


Day 5


I made the sprite myself :slight_smile: First time trying out 3D outlines on Sketchfab.

My entry for day (Video Games) is Bo-Bomb! :boom:

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I have done this PAC-MAN model for #3december-2020.

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My attempt at an Atari 2600 Console. I actually started this model during lockdown but did not continue. This challenge prompted me to finish over the weekend. Learnt heaps doing this.

Sorry not sure how to embed this properly?

#3December2020-Video-Games #3December2020
I’m not much of a video games person. Angry Birds is about as close as I’ve gotten!


It didn’t look like this was going to work out, but I’m happy with my little lighting/texturing study of one of Portal 2’s test chambers.


Seems everyone went in the homage direction for this one. I decided to create my own game concept piece for the dream game I’ve always wanted to make. The idea is you fly around the sky to different islands and board flying dreadnoughts n stuff and escape on your Sky Hopper.

decided to go with a classic console. was thinking on a sega but i played more on this one.

For Day 6, I recreated the toaster scene from Hotel Mario for the Phillips CD-i:

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Wasn’t too sure where to start with this topic but I’ve been really pining for a switch so I made one.

When you view your model there is a share button underneath your username. Copy that short link and then add it in a new line :slight_smile:

Here you go:

My take!

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Thank you! Duh was trying to use the embed code.

Anyone want a Nintendo Switch? Not in optimal condition, but free to download! #3December2020