December 7: 'Train set'

This week’s theme for 3December 2020 is Toys & Games and today’s prompt is ‘Train Set’.

Tag your entry with ##3December2020-Train-Set and #3December2020, and post it below. Use the #3December2020 hashtag if you want to share your entries on social media.

If you complete the 21 entries and submit them in a collection by January 4, you will be entered into the challenge prize draw. You’ll have a chance to win a framed art print of your work, 6 months of Sketchfab Plus and a $50 Amazon voucher.

Read the rules for Sketchfab 3December 2020 here


Here’s my entry for day 7 :grinning:




Day 7: Train Set.

This is mine train model for the 7th Day of the #3december-2020

Here’s my Christmas choo-choo train:

The first week of #3December has been a lot of fun! It’s a joy to see how many have picked it up in the past few days. Hope everyone saved room for next week’s theme, I’m starving…

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3December2020 №8 - Traveling animals


Here’s my train set. I went for a detail-oriented replica of that common train toy brand. Again, spent many hours on the modelling and baking for this, so I unfortunately ran out of time to attempt any kind of vehicle.

Nervous about entering week 2 & 3. My modelling experience is very much in hard surface modelling and architecture, so 2 weeks of foodstuff and characters is way outside my comfort zone :worried:


#3December2020-Train-Set #3December2020

A little bit of topic but maybe it can still count as a train set, or a single part of a train set… :grimacing:

Decided to make a childs trainset for todays challenge.

It’s not exactly a train, but it is a train “set”.

day 7 yay. Tried something simple, but animating it with a motion path. :slight_smile:


Playmobil train set. The car curves were actually really hard to model. Hilariously large tri count. Happy with how it looks though.

Oh and I couldn’t get the stickers I made to work correctly so I left them out. Still figuring out the ins and out of the viewer settings.

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

This is mine!! It’s probably one of the few that I’ll made for 3December, but when I saw the topic, I knew for sure that I would do this one. The animation was tricky, the trains would crash into each other every time until I changed my approach! xD I hope you like it! :smiley:


##3December2020-Train-Set #3December2020

Colorful low poly train inspired by wooden train sets.

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